Dr. Patel has extensive training in working with numerous dental procedures. These procedures are listed below with links to additional information on the topic. If you need quality dental care in the Lynbrook, Rockville Centre, East Rockaway, Oceanside, Baldwin, Franklin Square, Malverne, Hewlett, 5 Towns, Island Park, Long Beach and surrounding areas call Dr. Patel.

Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Bonding is a wonderful and safe technique for fixing cosmetic flaws in teeth
  • Crowns and Bridges are restorations over the existing structure of severely damaged teeth
  • Dental Veneers are thin shells porcelain that covers visible portion of your teeth.
  • Tooth Whitening is a safe and effective way to quickly deliver a dramatic change to your smile

Preventative Dentistry

  • Cleaning is an essential part of a proper oral hygiene program
  • Polishing is often the last step of a dental cleaning and some restorative procedures
  • Scaling is a deep-cleaning procedure
  • X-Rays take pictures called radiographs that show the interior of dental structures

Dental Problems

  • Dry Mouth is caused by an inadequate supply of saliva
  • Fluorosis is a defect in tooth enamel caused by excessive fluoride in young children
  • Oral Cancer can be detected early and Dr. Patel can be your first line of defense
  • Plaque is a sticky film of bacteria that coats teeth
  • Toothaches are commonly caused by the presence of a cavity or an abscess

Dental Treatments

  • Jaw/TMJ problems refer to a variety of conditions that affect the temporomandibular joints
  • Sealants protect teeth from tooth decay by adding a protective layer to keep out plaque and bacteria

General Dentistry